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Fixed deposits and debt mutual funds: Which is better?

Fixed deposits and debt mutual funds: Which is better?

As the capital profits on debt budget gadgets bought after April 1, 2023, turn out to be taxable on the slab price, many buyers could assume that debt budget come at par with constant deposits. However, it isn't always the case. A cautious examine each those units will assist you to pick out the proper one to attain your economic goals.


The returns on FDs are confident, and so it's miles with bonds. Anup Bhaiya, Founder of Mumbai-primarily based totally Money Honey Financial Services, says, “Repricing of hobby quotes receives captured in debt budget faster, as bond yields withinside the secondary marketplace have a tendency to react to modifications in hobby quotes withinside the economic system quickly. The hobby quotes on FDs normally act with a lag.”

Debt budget do now no longer provide confident returns. Market forces, modifications in hobby quotes, modifications in portfolio blend through the fund manager, and different elements can extrade the returns on debt budget. For example, long-length debt budget might also additionally see returns going up while there's a huge fall in hobby quotes in a quick span of time. The capital profits on bonds held withinside the portfolio can enhance returns. In a growing hobby-price scenario, such schemes might also additionally see muted returns.

“Debt budget can provide you with mark-to-marketplace profits in case you make investments at the height of the hobby quotes and quotes come down swiftly,” Bhaiya adds.


FDs from nationalised banks or sovereign-sponsored entities, including India Post, have little credit score threat. So is the case with bonds issued through sovereign and public quarter undertakings. However, as one is going looking for excessive yields, credit score threat might also additionally creep in.

Priyadarshini Mulye, a SEBI-registered funding consultant and founding father of arthafinplan.com, factors out that financial institution FDs are insured to the quantity of Rs five lakh for the most important and the hobby through the Deposit Insurance and Credit Guarantee Corporation (DICGC).

“Due to modifications withinside the hobby quotes withinside the economic system, investments in financial institution constant deposits face reinvestment threat,” she adds.

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